Configuring vSphere 5.0 Update Manager Download Service

The UMDS (Update Manager Download Service) is different from the VMware Update Manager and is used to download patches for non-internet connected vmware environments (similar to an offline WSUS). The installer is within the vSphere 5 DVD under the “umds” folder.

1. Install UMDS as a normal VMware application selecting local/remote databases etc. You cannot install UMDS on a system that already has Update Manager installed. The important selection during setup is to set the path to where you actually want the patches to be downloaded to (rather than a folder within C:\Program Files\Vmware …….).

2. To configure UMDS you need to run the vmware-umds executable from an elevated command prompt. Note: switches are case-sensitive!

Disable update for Virtual Appliance & enable ESXi host downloads

vmware-umds -S –enable-host –disable-va

Show current download platforms

vmware-umds -G

Removes all platforms other than 5.0

vmware-umds -S -d embeddedEsx-3.5.0-INTL esx-3.5.0-INTL embeddedEsx-4.0.0 esx-4.0.0 embeddedESX-4.1.0 esx-4.1.0

Download updates using the current configuration

vmware-umds -D

Export repository

vmware-umds -E –export-store <path to export>

Full configuration and switches on the vmware site